Diabetes Advocacy Packs from DUK

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Advocacy packs from Diabetes UK that clarify your rights as a person with diabetes. Covering Availability of blood glucose test strips; Diabetes education and diabetes; Having diabetes in prison; Employment and diabetes; Service providers and diabetes and Making a complaint about healthcare


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May Ng

Diabetes UK advocacy packs which let you know your rights

Sarah Gatward

Excellent advocacy pack produced by Diabetes UK, explaining your rights when accessing services as a T1D. Gives information on how you should expect to be treated in different situations and the rules relating to discrimination. Although many people in the T1 community do not consider diabetes to be a disability, there are many people that have encountered problems with gym memberships, food & drink policies in public places and childrens membership of sports clubs. The pack gives very helpful information on your rights if you find yourself in situations such as this.

Keywords: advocacy, rights, equality, discrimination, Equality Act 2010