Diabetes & menopause from 'my diabetes my way'

Diabetes & menopause from 'my diabetes my way'

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Added/Updated:  13/03/2017

Overview of diabetes and the menopause

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Geraldine Gallen

Basic explanation but not in depth detail of the menopause and associated affects on diabetes management

Sarah Gatward

If I am honest, I was slightly disappointed that this did not provide more detailed information on the impact of the menopause on diabetes. We are told that "menopause can throw your diabetes management plan out of balance due to the hormonal fluctuations". However, it is a start. Acknowledgement that it can cause problems, in the same way that hormonal fluctuations during adolescence and pregnancy can, is helpful. There has been very little written about this previously, leaving many women entering peri-menopause completely unprepared.


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Lis Warren

Keywords: menopause, type 1 diabetes, hormone replacement therapy, peri-menopause

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