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Diasend - a data sharing system. Enables uploading of information from most glucose meters, insulin pumps, CGMs and mobile apps and presents the information in a variety of structured reports.

Reviewed by

Sophie Harris

An easy and secure way to download your glucose meter data for personal review (reflecting on your results is always a good thing) and to share with your healthcare professional. There are personal (free) and clinic accounts. It works with most meters and they also have an app.

Laura Cleverly

Diasend allows patients/carers to transfer blood glucose readings and insulin pump data to a secure individual account which can be shared with your health care team. It is a valuable tool which allows you to gain insight into your blood glucose patterns. You can look at this data by yourself or as part of your diabetes appointment - both are incredibly helpful and I would recommend this site to anyone with compatable blood glucose meters and/or insulin pumps.

Keywords: tracking, dose-adjustment, CSII, pharma, diasend, app