INPUT statement on 'open source'

INPUT statement on 'open source'

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Added/Updated:  26/10/2016

INPUT statement on open source technologies for CGM incuding Open APS.

Reviewed by

Sophie Harris

INPUT take a neutral voice in describing what 'open source' means, and the potential that it holds, but with words of warning.

Kev Winchcombe

INPUT's statement gives a good overview on some of the Open Source products out there, focussing on solutions coming out from the WeAreNotWaiting movement such as Nightscout and OpenAPS, as well as mentioning Tidepool data solution. Unsurprisingly, and correctly, INPUT's statement errs on the side of caution and highlights many risks, such as there being no official helpdesk to request help from, which is unfortunately incorrect as this exists for Nightscout and it operates 24/7/365.

Recommended by

Sacha Manson-Smith

Keywords: open source, CGM, CGMS, data sharing, Nightscout, Tidepool, xDrip, x-Drip, open APS, LOOP

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