Omnipod Dos and Don'ts - Miss Jen Grieves

Category:  Managing T1 Diabetes / Insulin Pumps and CGM / YouTube and Video / Peer (person or family with diabetes)


Miss Jen Grieves discusses her experiences of changing from daily injections to the Omnipod.

Reviewed by

Sophie Harris

A chatty video from Jen, honestly discussing the first 3 months of using Omnipod, including how the transition period upset her diabetes management more than she had anticipated. Some really goods hints and tips for people considering pump use, and wondering about the Omnipod.

Sarah Gatward

Useful video (made in Feb 2015) looking at the move to an Omnipod pump after three months of wear. Good balanced information with lots of suggestions of Do's and Don'ts both when starting on the pump and ongoing housekeeping considerations. Good explanation of how omnipod differs from tubed pumps.

Keywords: Omnipod, tubeless insulin pump, patch pump, CSII, insulin pump, Ypsomed, Insulet