Post from t1resources' own Mike, who sat on the NICE guideline committee, about the new HbA1c guidance of aiming for 6.5% (48mmol/L)

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Yuk-Fun Liu

The blogger, Mike, describes the steps which he feels have been helpful in lowering his HbA1c to less than 6.5% - a target some find impossible to reach. Importantly he acknowledges that these targets need to be individual, can be hard to achieve and individuals should discuss with their healthcare providers. 

Sarah Gatward

Following an original blog post considering the NICE involvement in setting optimum targets for HbA1c levels, this secondary blog was written to help offer advice on how best to start, after comments that it was impossible to do so. Provides a very good list of areas to review with your HCPs.

Keywords: HbA1c, A1c, target, guideline, individual, personalised targets, NICE, NICE Guidance