Diabetes and the menopause - Evidently Cochrane

Diabetes and the menopause - Evidently Cochrane

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Added/Updated:  19/04/2017

Guest blog by Annie Cooper which talks about the silence surrounding the 'Big M' and the lack of information for menopausal women managing long term conditions like diabetes

Reviewed by

Alison Cox

A starting point for women who are going through or think they may be having menopausal symptoms.  You do have to scroll down the page to find the article. 

Sarah Gatward

Good look at problems because T1 women are so poorly served by info on approaching menopause. My own experience is also that HCPs tackle issues of hormones in adolescence and pregnancy but no-one has ever discussed impact of peri-menopause or menopause with me, despite challenges with blood glucose control. Good blog recognising that there are problems. No answers offered but Anne Cooper hopes it will encourage more discussion and research.

Recommended by

Annie Cooper

Keywords: females with type 1, hormones, menopause, peri-menopause, Cochrane

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