Diabetes UK's 'Balance' guide to insulins, medication, meters, pens & pumps available in the UK

Reviewed by

Geraldine Gallen

A resource of what equipment is available and different medications, good to have all in one place.

Sarah Gatward

Diabetes UK produce a guide on an annual basis looking at kit available from different pharma companies for treating T1. Includes photographs of devices, comparisons for example of blood glucose testing equipment listing sample size, test time, number of tests held in memory and stats produced. Useful reference guide for patients to fully appreciate the variety of devices available without the sales pitch that is linked to them when using pharma companies own websites for research.

It is worth noting that Diabetes UK produce a number of useful booklets that are available to download free of charge from their website. If you go to their online shop & use their drop down menu system to locate Managing your diabetes, Information and finally Booklets and leaflets, this guide and others are located here.

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