Egg Theory: A Model for Understanding High Maintenance Long Term Conditions

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A blog post from beta-betic about living with type 1 diabetes - “You can carry on with your normal life, you just need to carry these eggs with you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, forever.”

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William Hadfield

A clever and original way of describing the mental, and sometimes physical, burden of managing Type 1 diabetes on a daily basis.

Sarah Gatward

Fabulous blog comparing the day to day management of T1D and Addison's with carrying eggs. People are told at diagnosis that they can lead a normal life but uses the analogy to recognise how needy these conditions can be.

Editorial Team Note

Several Facebook users commented on the similarities between this post and one by the mother of a son with type 1 diabetes which uses a similar metaphor, but from a slightly different perspective. Mum of type 1: The Boy and the Egg.

Keywords: long term condition, analogy, metaphor, illustration, resilience, challenge, frustration, burden, type 1 daibetes, addisons