Freestyle Libre user group on Facebook

Freestyle Libre user group on Facebook

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Added/Updated:  16/01/2017

Freestyle Libre FB page with around 15,000 members, sharing advice and support about using Freestyle Libre flash glucose monitor (which is becoming available on the NHS, subject to local healthcare economy and decision-making)

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Geraldine Gallen

Good resource for Libre users, would direct patient here, for basic problem solving issues like sensor falling off. Still does not address what to do with arrows.

Dave Sowerby

Good community with large number of new and experienced users to answer questions. Read the large FAQs too that answer most queries.

Editorial Team Note

It should be noted that while the Freestyle Libre does read interstitial glucose continually it is not strictly speaking a real-time CGM because the user has to activate a 'scan' to retrieve the data. It cannot automatically alert the user to rising or falling levels with audible alerts.

Please also note that this large group is intended only to offer support specifically for topics relating to Libre use. There is an associated 'off topic' group for more general discussions. The group has a helpful list of rules which members are encouraged to read before posting. We have been made aware that the moderators of the group take quite a firm line about this.

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