A blog by Lewis, a youngster who has been living with type 1 diabetes since the age of 4. This post is about carb counting.

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Simon Chapman

A blog kept by Lewis, aged 10y when he started, who has had T1 since he was 4. He goes to clinic in UCLH in London and uses a medtronic pump with CGM and nightscout. This is a practical and well written blog which chronicles the life of a young person with diabetes. Lewis talks about the practical aspects of managing his diabetes, what he has tried and how it works for him, but also the achievements he has made, such as meeting the Queen and receiving a UK Midlands region Inspire Award.

Jessica Burton

An insightful blog post as to what younger people are interested in to help their own diabetes management.  Would recommend for PWD's aged under 14 to read.


Keywords: Input Fusion, Cellnovo, Roche, food, carb counting, carbs, teenager, teens, young person