Multiple Daily Mini Injections - Adrian Long's approach to MDI with Libre

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Adrian blogs about the positive effect of multiple daily mini injections in partnership with his Freestyle Libre

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Sophie Harris

It is nice to see a positive blog about using daily insulin injections (rather than pump) and how having additional data (from the Freestyle Libre) is allowing him to make small corrections to reduce glucose variability. This is not a technique that I would recommend in the early days of diagnosis (Adrian has many years experience) but is something that could be added to the DAFNE/BERTIE dose adjustment principles with the help of more glucose data - have a look at Sugar Surfing if interested in finding out more.

Sarah Gatward

Blog post by Adrian Long, looking at his preference for MDMI (Multiple Daily Mini Injections) as opposed to pump therapy.

Keywords: MDI, multiple daily injections, Libre, Freestyle Libre, Flash Glucose Monitoring