NHS England blog - first year of university

NHS England blog - first year of university

Category:  Managing T1 Diabetes / Managing Life / Eating and Diet / Alcohol and Drugs / Blog / Peer (person or family with diabetes) / Education

Added/Updated:  10/10/2016

Sophie Nelson blogs about surviving her first year at Uni, with some reflections and tips (including food!)

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Sophie Harris

Some useful hints and tips about starting Uni. A fair few recipes and general advice about cooking on a budget (including some low carb meals)

Laura Cleverly

Sophie shares her experience of being a university student with diabetes. She touches on subjects such as being organised from day one, alcohol and how to tell people about diabetes. This is a really insightful read for anyone with Type 1 thinking about or going to Uni.

Keywords: university, college, study, living away from home, type 1 diabetes, being organised, telling friends

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