Tangerine Diabetic blog: Libre v Enlite

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Dave compares Enlite/Medtronic Veo with Abbott Freestyle Libre flash monitor

Reviewed by

Sophie Harris

A great review from 2014, but bear in mind that prices will have changed with time, these technologies are funded in different ways (with sensors - Enlites are available to some people via the NHS, whilst Freestyle is available on prescription subject to local healthcare approval). Both of these technologies can be used with a  pump (as Dave does) or for those using injections. Some good questions from readers too, with helpful answers.

Sarah Gatward

Interesting personal comparison of Flash GM & one method of CGM from Oct-14. Helpful if wanting a greater understanding of some of technologies available (though many patients will need to self-fund). However, worth recognising that every patient will have a slightly different experience and opinion. For example, Dave liked lack of need to calibrate Libre. Other T1Ds who have tried the Flash GM, find the inability to calibrate can result in it tracking glucose levels less accurately than a CGM device. But, a good blog to help you consider what is important to you in choosing to try such technologies.

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