Tangerine Diabetic video: 64 days on Medtronic 640G

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The first of a series of videos from Dave (aka Tangerine diabetic) about using the Medtronic 640g

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Amanda Epps

Nice video, easy to understand explanation of the difference between the Veo and the Minimed 640G medtronic insulin pumps. One thing I would say is that the cgm part of the pump is not routinely available on the NHS and many people self fund the cgm. The pump can be used without cgm using the contour next link meter. There are specific NICE criteria that would need to be met to get the sensors funded by the NHS. 

Sarah Gatward

Useful video (made in Feb 2015) for anyone considering moving onto the Medtronic 640G insulin pump. Shows very clearly how the basic menu system works and compares to the menu system on old style Medtronic pump. Also mentions the new Smartguard feature when linked to the Medtronic CGM and shows briefly how it worked by taking us through the graph & CGM readings on his pump when activated. One of a series of videos made on different aspects of the 640G.

Keywords: Medtronic, Smartguard, pharma & industry, review, comparison, Veo