Childrens Disability Living Allowance Days Out - Facebook Group

Childrens Disability Living Allowance Days Out - Facebook Group

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Added/Updated:  12/06/2018

Facebook group focussing on Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and discounted trips for children and families.

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May Ng

Facebook group for DLA and discount trips.

Adrienne Burton

This Facebook group is a public group so you need to be a member to join in with commenting but you can see the posts if you are not a member. There are over 36,000 members in this group and it is not a diabetes group. This is a group for all families who have a child who qualifies for Disability Living Allowance.  Members share ideas and any hints or tips they may have ie CEA card, autism-friendly santa's grotto etc.  It can be a handy group to be in.

Keywords: DLA, disability living allowance, support, benefit, allowance

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