Official DAFNE (dose adjustment for normal eating) website.

Added/Updated:  28/10/2020


Modular online learning for managing Type 1 Diabetes from BERTIE (Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation…

Added/Updated:  28/09/2019

Childrens Disability Living…

Facebook group focussing on Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and discounted trips for children and families.

Added/Updated:  12/06/2018

Tangerine Diabetic blog: the hypo…

A blog post about a particular hypo episode and its effects on friends and family

Added/Updated:  21/09/2017

DAFNE online

DAFNE online portal, open to those who have or have not been on DAFNE, with additional content (not reviewed) for those DAFNE…

Added/Updated:  20/07/2017

DAFNE - What happens on a course?

Diabetes UK find out exactly what happens on a diabetes education course by following Ross, Sarah and Bob as they went on a…

Added/Updated:  13/03/2017

Dating and relationships - Beyond…

Thoughts about dates and dating from a 17 year old. Beyond Type 1 is an American family and adolescent focused website.

Added/Updated:  15/12/2016

Nuts and bolts of Carb Counting -…

Basic information about carbohydrate counting.

Added/Updated:  02/12/2016

Enjoy Food - Diabetes UK

Information and advice about dietary intake for people living with diabetes, including resources specifically for people with…

Added/Updated:  02/12/2016

Circles of Blue - travelling in…

The Winchcombe family blogs about their trip around India. 14 different posts with hints, tips and lessons learnt.

Added/Updated:  23/11/2016

T1 ramblings - Carb counting list

List of nutritional information for many café/pub/fast food joint etc.

Added/Updated:  19/11/2016

Diabetes travel

Website by Dr David Kerr giving advice about travelling with diabetes; airport security, doctor's letters, dose adjustment for…

Added/Updated:  26/10/2016

BeHealth - Carbs

A short video by Will (dietitian) about what carbohydrates are and where to find them.

Added/Updated:  13/09/2016