A fun quiz to run through some typical examples of data from flash sensor, and how to make the most from this exciting technology.

Reviewed by

Sophie Harris

A great resource to help you get the best from your Libre - work through the quiz to learn more and/or see if what you currently do works well.

Sarah Gatward

Quiz that reinforces learning from the guide published by Edinburgh. Love tools like this as I always feel it is positive to have the opportunity to reflect on own decision making. They have given good explanations after each question for the reasons for their answers. Worth remembering however that it is based on general guidance and they do state that every individual is different. Some of my answers did not match the quiz recommendations but I know from trial and error and my own FlashGM/CGM use, what tends to be the first course of action that I should take in different situations.

Keywords: Freestyle Libre, Libre, flash glucose monitor, CGM, quiz, learning, e-learning, education, resource, ECED, Edinburgh, EDEC