ECED guide to getting the most…

Edinburgh Diabetes Centre's guide to gettting started and making the most of your flash sensor (Libre)

Added/Updated:  20/12/2018

ECED Libre Quiz

A fun quiz to run through some typical examples of data from flash sensor, and how to make the most from this exciting…

Added/Updated:  20/12/2018

10 steps to improving T1 control…

A downloadable PDF from the Scottish Type 1 Educational Programme with 10 top tips to self-managing diabetes.

Added/Updated:  15/09/2018

Diabetes UK Forum

Diabetes discussion forum for all. Supported by Diabetes UK, but run and managed by an independent team of volunteers with…

Added/Updated:  23/12/2016


Official DAFNE (dose adjustment for normal eating) website.

Added/Updated:  28/10/2020

DUK housemate checklist

PDF from Diabetes UK with useful information for those starting university or moving in with new housemates.

Added/Updated:  18/01/2018

Tangerine Diabetic blog: the hypo…

A blog post about a particular hypo episode and its effects on friends and family

Added/Updated:  21/09/2017

Ditzy Diabetic blog after…

A personal and intimate blog post discussing an experience on a DAFNE course.

Added/Updated:  21/09/2017

Diabetes chalk talk - Welcome to…

A series of 5 videos taking you from the beginning of your diagnosis through to understanding how to dose adjust and understand…

Added/Updated:  19/04/2017

DAFNE - What happens on a course?

Diabetes UK find out exactly what happens on a diabetes education course by following Ross, Sarah and Bob as they went on a…

Added/Updated:  13/03/2017


DigiBete is a video platform created in partnership with the Diabetes Team at Leeds Children's Hospital. It features videos…

Added/Updated:  30/09/2016

Travelling with T1 - The…

Blog from Lydia about her adventures backpacking around Europe - with hints and tips to survive!

Added/Updated:  26/09/2016

DVLA guidance

DVLA fitness to drive assessment (Downloadable PDF)

Added/Updated:  20/09/2016

JDRF University Toolkit

JDRF guide to starting and surviving at university.

Added/Updated:  17/09/2016

ADA future of data sharing

ADA Diabetes forecast on data sharing and CGMs.

Added/Updated:  17/09/2016

Hypoglycaemia Awareness Training

Resource for information on symptoms and causes of hypoglycaemia, with quizzes around different aspects of hypoglycaemia.

Added/Updated:  10/08/2016

How to give a glucagon injection

UCLH video showing how to give a glucagon injection in case of emergency or severe hypoglycaemia

Added/Updated:  26/07/2016