JDRF Coronavirus / Covid19…

Information about the Coronavirus/Covid19 outbreak, aimed for people and families living with type 1 diabetes.

Added/Updated:  18/03/2020

JDRF school packs

Equips parents and teachers with the information you need to understand type 1 diabetes and support children in school

Added/Updated:  13/03/2018

JDRF information for young people

A page by the diabetes charity JDRF with information specifically for young adults.

Added/Updated:  11/10/2017

Insulin Pump Settings and Secrets…

John Walsh slide set for JDRF type one nation on pump set up and common problems (pdf download)

Added/Updated:  25/05/2017

A sweet life blog -…

Blog about the 3 pathophysiological stages of diabetes from pre-diagnosis onwards

Added/Updated:  13/03/2017

JDRF explanation of beta cell…

JDRF video with Albert Hwa explaining beta (islet) cell encapsulation.

Added/Updated:  23/12/2016


ADDRESS2 aims to link those newly diagnosed with the latest research studies.

Added/Updated:  20/12/2016

JDRF Blogs

Blogs posted by people and families affected by diabetes along with JDRF staff.

Added/Updated:  04/10/2016

JDRF pregnancy e-toolkit

An electronic leaflet produced by JDRF to help you through pregnancy; planning, birth and beyond.

Added/Updated:  04/10/2016

JDRF University Toolkit

JDRF guide to starting and surviving at university.

Added/Updated:  17/09/2016

Joint report on diabetes…

Leaflet explanatory some of the different forms of technology available to those with Type 1 Diabetes, having side-by-side notes…

Added/Updated:  14/09/2016

TEDx - stem cell and islet cell…

Video of a talk given at TEDx DelMar by Dr Maike Sander entitled "From Stem Cells to Beta Cells".

Added/Updated:  14/09/2016

JDRF report on artificial pancreas…

JDRF researchers at the University of Cambridge are developing a system that would manage blood glucose automatically. Watch to…

Added/Updated:  14/09/2016

JDRF Information Packs

A list of resources provided by the charity JDRF. Some of the them you need to send for, including the Kidsac with teddy, whilst…

Added/Updated:  13/09/2016