Nightscout Foundation

The Nightscout Foundation exists to encourage and support the creation of open source technology projects that enhance the lives…

Added/Updated:  19/02/2018

Type 1 Diabetes in Children and…

Book for young people/children with T1 diabetes and their parents, written by Dr Ragnar Hanas. Also suitable for those diagnosed…

Added/Updated:  08/02/2018

50 years with type 1 - Lis Warren

Lis Warren shares the ups and downs of living with T1, and how things have changed in half a century.

Added/Updated:  10/10/2016

The Understudy Pancreas - New…

Blog about growing up and family life following their daughter's diagnosis with T1.

Added/Updated:  04/10/2016

How to check and adjust basal…

mySugr has some great education resources, and here is an example with advice on how to test your background insulin dose.

Added/Updated:  10/08/2016

Beat HelpFinder

A list of local eating disorder services - not diabetes specific.

Added/Updated:  04/02/2022

Diabetes Etiquette for Parents

"What your teen would like you to know". Useful guide to conversations with teens with T1 from the Behavioural Diabetes…

Added/Updated:  18/03/2021

Joe's diabetes and his hints for…

A blog post by Joe, a person with T1D, about the term "type zeros" i.e. people without T1D

Added/Updated:  13/12/2018

Metformin use in T1DM

A blog post explaining why someone with type 1 diabetes may take metformin and its benefits and potential side effects

Added/Updated:  13/12/2018

Jessica shares her survival tips…

A blog post written to parents of children with T1D by Jess, a 16 year old with T1D. Jess shares 7 tips about starting secondary…

Added/Updated:  15/09/2018

Childrens Disability Living…

Facebook group focussing on Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and discounted trips for children and families.

Added/Updated:  12/06/2018

JDRF school packs

Equips parents and teachers with the information you need to understand type 1 diabetes and support children in school

Added/Updated:  13/03/2018

Paediatric care - ACDC endorsed…

Association of Children’s Diabetes Clinicians (ACDC). We are a group of doctors involved in the care of children and young…

Added/Updated:  13/03/2018

Type 1 Origins - Revolve Comics

Superhero-style comic about type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

Added/Updated:  16/10/2017

DiabetesUK 'the one' campaign -…

Short, candid videos of people with diabetes describing their experience of insulin pumps and sex

Added/Updated:  11/10/2017

Diabetic shambles - Working the…

Blog post by Kris from Diabetic Shambles describing the 2 pillars of getting T1 under control

Added/Updated:  11/10/2017


Type 1 Uncut is from Diabetes UK and provides lots of information and videos to help young people with diabetes to manage their…

Added/Updated:  11/10/2017

You Can Do This Project

You Can Do This is a grassroots video movement by and for people with diabetes: validation and encouragement through honest…

Added/Updated:  11/10/2017

JDRF information for young people

A page by the diabetes charity JDRF with information specifically for young adults.

Added/Updated:  11/10/2017

DUK guide for children

Diabetes UK guide to diabetes for children

Added/Updated:  10/10/2017

Understanding Insulin - Free…

Free online education course from the University of Southampton covering the safe and effective use of insulin. Primarily aimed…

Added/Updated:  02/10/2017

Your rights - children and young…

Getting the best care from the NHS - Website about your rights as a child or your person using the NHS.

Added/Updated:  21/09/2017

TEDx - Type 1 Diabetes: from…

A TEDx talk by Dr Robin Goland of the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at Colombia University Medical Centre.

Added/Updated:  20/07/2017

Tangerine Diabetic video: 64 days…

The first of a series of videos from Dave (aka Tangerine diabetic) about using the Medtronic 640g

Added/Updated:  08/05/2017