Dealing With Diabetes

Personal account of T1 as a young person, and the peer support found in social media.

Added/Updated:  10/08/2016

Diabetic Traveler - Traveling With…

US blog about travelling with T1 whilst using a pump and other related things.

Added/Updated:  10/08/2016

Breaking Down Diabetes - Khan…

A series of talks by Khan Academy with fairly scientific overview of diabetes.

Added/Updated:  10/08/2016

Run Sweet

A website by people with diabetes, who want to promote diabetes self-care, and share knowledge on how to manage diabetes with…

Added/Updated:  09/08/2016

Jenny Lind Children's Hospital…

Part of the Jenny Lind Children’s hospital website, with a range of resources for families affected by type 1 diabetes.

Added/Updated:  09/08/2016

Medtronic MiniMed 640G set change

MiniMed 640G reservoir fill & set change - video walkthrough of the set change process

Added/Updated:  09/08/2016

Insight insulin pump, infusion set…

UCLH video showing how to insert Accu-Check Insight insulin pump infusion set and change the pre-filled reservoir.

Added/Updated:  09/08/2016

Inserting a Dexcom G4 CGM sensor

UCLH video showing how to insert a Dexcom G4 sensor.

Added/Updated:  09/08/2016

Inserting a Mio infusion set with…

UCLH video showing how to insert Mio set with Medtronic 640G insulin pump.

Added/Updated:  09/08/2016

How to insert an Omnipod Insulin…

UCLH video showing how to fill and change an Omnipod tubeless insulin pump.

Added/Updated:  26/07/2016

How to do a blood glucose check

A short video guide about carrying out a blood glucose check. Produced by the UCLH children and young people's diabetes service.

Added/Updated:  26/07/2016

How to give a glucagon injection

UCLH video showing how to give a glucagon injection in case of emergency or severe hypoglycaemia

Added/Updated:  26/07/2016

Endodiabetes - How to inject with…

EndoDiabetes youtube channel with multiple videos showing how to inject with different pen devices

Added/Updated:  26/07/2016

How to do an insulin injection

UCLH video showing how to perform an insulin injection with a Novopen Echo insulin pen.

Added/Updated:  26/07/2016

Inserting a Mio infusion…

UCLH video showing how to insert a MIO cannula with a Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm Veo insulin pump.

Added/Updated:  26/07/2016

US Diabetes Parents

US site supporting parents of teens with T1. Just for Parents is an online program to help parents who are struggling with teens…

Added/Updated:  26/07/2016

CYP Diabetes Network

The National Children and Young People's Diabetes network is working towards agreed standards of care, outcomes and process of…

Added/Updated:  07/07/2016

Texting my pancreas

Kim Vlasnik is a US blogger and diabetes advocate. She began writing Texting My Pancreas in the summer of 2010 and it's where…

Added/Updated:  07/07/2016

Diabetes UK Lewisham, Lambeth &…

Dukllands - The Diabetes UK Lewisham, Lambeth & Southwark Family Support Group for young people & families living with Type 1…

Added/Updated:  07/07/2016

Just DUK 1T

This is a website created by young people from all over Scotland with Type 1 diabetes for all young people with Type 1 diabetes.

Added/Updated:  06/07/2016


Diab-eaties is a game to help younger children understand diabetes, particularly carbohydrate counting.

Added/Updated:  08/06/2016

My Life - For Young People with…

This website from Diabetes UK provides information on diabetes, especially for children and teenagers.

Added/Updated:  09/05/2016