INPUT (now part of JDRF)

INPUT (now merged with JDRF) is a charity which provides advocacy to increase access to technology for people with T1 diabetes.

Added/Updated:  18/03/2021

Nightscout Foundation

The Nightscout Foundation exists to encourage and support the creation of open source technology projects that enhance the lives…

Added/Updated:  19/02/2018

Diabettech - what's the best CGM…

A round up of the current CGM sensors available on the UK market from someone with extensive user experience.

Added/Updated:  13/03/2018

TEDx - Type 1 Diabetes: from…

A TEDx talk by Dr Robin Goland of the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at Colombia University Medical Centre.

Added/Updated:  20/07/2017

T1 Diabetes Research UK

A UK website about type 1 diabetes research and how to get involved.

Added/Updated:  20/07/2017

JDRF explanation of beta cell…

JDRF video with Albert Hwa explaining beta (islet) cell encapsulation.

Added/Updated:  23/12/2016


ADDRESS2 aims to link those newly diagnosed with the latest research studies.

Added/Updated:  20/12/2016

Glu online community

Glu - get involved in diabetes research and online community (USA based).

Added/Updated:  25/11/2016

Sugar Surfing

Tips and techniques for using CGM to help manage blood glucose levels.

Added/Updated:  24/11/2016

Data sharing and CGM in the Cloud

Kerri Sparling (respected US blogger who writes 'Six until me') & Dr Bill Polonsky discuss data sharing and set up some…

Added/Updated:  20/09/2016

TEDx - stem cell and islet cell…

Video of a talk given at TEDx DelMar by Dr Maike Sander entitled "From Stem Cells to Beta Cells".

Added/Updated:  14/09/2016

The bionic pancreas - Edward…

As a parent of a child with type 1 diabetes, Dr. Edward Damiano knows first hand the dangers of this disease. After nearly two…

Added/Updated:  14/09/2016