TEDx - Type 1 Diabetes: from…

A TEDx talk by Dr Robin Goland of the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at Colombia University Medical Centre.

Added/Updated:  20/07/2017

T1 Diabetes Research UK

A UK website about type 1 diabetes research and how to get involved.

Added/Updated:  20/07/2017

A sweet life blog -…

Blog about the 3 pathophysiological stages of diabetes from pre-diagnosis onwards

Added/Updated:  13/03/2017


ADDRESS2 aims to link those newly diagnosed with the latest research studies.

Added/Updated:  20/12/2016

TEDx - stem cell and islet cell…

Video of a talk given at TEDx DelMar by Dr Maike Sander entitled "From Stem Cells to Beta Cells".

Added/Updated:  14/09/2016