Diabetes Eye Screening - Covid 19…

Lots of understandable worry about information regards retinal screening for people with diabetes during the coronavirus…

Added/Updated:  28/10/2020

Sickday rules pdf

Sick day rules flowchart from Leicester diabetes centre. Particularly useful for people with Type 1 Diabetes during the…

Added/Updated:  18/03/2020

ECED guide to getting the most…

Edinburgh Diabetes Centre's guide to gettting started and making the most of your flash sensor (Libre)

Added/Updated:  20/12/2018

ECED Libre Quiz

A fun quiz to run through some typical examples of data from flash sensor, and how to make the most from this exciting…

Added/Updated:  20/12/2018

10 steps to improving T1 control…

A downloadable PDF from the Scottish Type 1 Educational Programme with 10 top tips to self-managing diabetes.

Added/Updated:  15/09/2018


Official DAFNE (dose adjustment for normal eating) website.

Added/Updated:  28/10/2020


Modular online learning for managing Type 1 Diabetes from BERTIE (Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation…

Added/Updated:  28/09/2019

Your rights - children and young…

Getting the best care from the NHS - Website about your rights as a child or your person using the NHS.

Added/Updated:  21/09/2017

Inserting an Enlite CGM sensor

UCLH video showing how to insert an Enlite sensor with the Enlite Serter (not the newer 'One press' Serter)

Added/Updated:  19/07/2017

Danny's story - The Importance of…

Danny's story about retinal screening and the consequences of missing an appointment or two. From Guys and St Thomas NHS…

Added/Updated:  13/03/2017

NHS choices - T1 diabetes

NHS choices provides clinical information on T1 diabetes with some links to other information/resources.

Added/Updated:  06/02/2017

Travel abroad - NHS choices

NHS Choices general information on EHIC and travel insurance. No specific information on diabetes, but useful for T1 travellers…

Added/Updated:  10/10/2016

ACDC - Association of Children's…

The Association was set up to share good practice, to discuss clinical management and the organisation of diabetes services and…

Added/Updated:  17/09/2016

UCLH Tree of Life Project

A project for children and young people using the UCLH service that allows them to talk, connect and share experiences

Added/Updated:  13/09/2016

Diabetes Times

A collection of diabetes stories and research, collated by Leicester Diabetes Centre.

Added/Updated:  08/09/2016

UCLH children’s department blog

Blogs from healthcare professionals, parents and children at UCLH diabetes dept.

Added/Updated:  08/09/2016

Me First - Transitioning to Adult…

In healthcare, 'transition' describes the process of preparing, planning and moving from children’s to adult services. The…

Added/Updated:  04/09/2016

Jenny Lind Children's Hospital…

Part of the Jenny Lind Children’s hospital website, with a range of resources for families affected by type 1 diabetes.

Added/Updated:  09/08/2016

Insight insulin pump, infusion set…

UCLH video showing how to insert Accu-Check Insight insulin pump infusion set and change the pre-filled reservoir.

Added/Updated:  09/08/2016

Inserting a Dexcom G4 CGM sensor

UCLH video showing how to insert a Dexcom G4 sensor.

Added/Updated:  09/08/2016

Inserting a Mio infusion set with…

UCLH video showing how to insert Mio set with Medtronic 640G insulin pump.

Added/Updated:  09/08/2016

How to insert an Omnipod Insulin…

UCLH video showing how to fill and change an Omnipod tubeless insulin pump.

Added/Updated:  26/07/2016

How to do a blood glucose check

A short video guide about carrying out a blood glucose check. Produced by the UCLH children and young people's diabetes service.

Added/Updated:  26/07/2016

How to do an insulin injection

UCLH video showing how to perform an insulin injection with a Novopen Echo insulin pen.

Added/Updated:  26/07/2016