Comic from Sanofi for teens newly…

A pdf comic book following the life of Delphine Arduini.

Added/Updated:  13/12/2018


A smartphone app that allows you to track your data daily, make notes, look at trends to optimise management.

Added/Updated:  25/05/2017


Product portfolio - The diabetes device company that makes the 'One Touch' brand of blood glucose meters.

Added/Updated:  16/01/2017

Medtronic MiniMed Carelink

Download site for all Medtronic insulin pumps and meters.

Added/Updated:  24/11/2016

Medtronic - MiniMed 640G

Medtronic Mini-Med 640G video

Added/Updated:  24/11/2016

Rotating injection sites - video…

Pharmaceutical video (BD) about insulin injection site rotation and why it is important.

Added/Updated:  23/11/2016

Sanofi - Type 1 Diabetes…

Pharmacuetical company video about an expedition up Mount Kilimanjaro with a group of people with diabetes.

Added/Updated:  25/10/2016

Lenny lion website including carb…

US carb counting game and more from Lenny lion, supported by Medtronic.

Added/Updated:  10/10/2016

Sanofi video: insulin and sugar

Pharmacuetical company non-promotional video about insulin and sugar in the blood.

Added/Updated:  10/10/2016

Disney & Lilly collaboration for…

A collaboration between Disney and Lilly (pharma company) to provide stories & support for children with T1

Added/Updated:  17/09/2016

Diabetes Times

A collection of diabetes stories and research, collated by Leicester Diabetes Centre.

Added/Updated:  08/09/2016