Pump vs MDI - everydayupsanddowns

Mike compares the use of pump or multiple daily injections for diabetes management.

Added/Updated:  25/10/2016

Sanofi - Type 1 Diabetes…

Pharmacuetical company video about an expedition up Mount Kilimanjaro with a group of people with diabetes.

Added/Updated:  25/10/2016

Lenny lion website including carb…

US carb counting game and more from Lenny lion, supported by Medtronic.

Added/Updated:  10/10/2016

TED diabetes distress

TEDx with Dr. Polonsky discussing diabetes distress and psychology

Added/Updated:  10/10/2016

Sanofi video: insulin and sugar

Pharmacuetical company non-promotional video about insulin and sugar in the blood.

Added/Updated:  10/10/2016

Coast to Coast in a Day - Miss Jen…

Jen describes her coast to coast cycle trip (part1)!

Added/Updated:  10/10/2016


DigiBete is a video platform created in partnership with the Diabetes Team at Leeds Children's Hospital. It features videos…

Added/Updated:  30/09/2016

Growing up with T1 blog - carb…

A blog by Lewis, a youngster who has been living with type 1 diabetes since the age of 4. This post is about carb counting.

Added/Updated:  29/09/2016

WeCanDoThis - Diabetes & coeliac

People talking about the difficulties associated with a diagnosis of coeliac & diabetes and how to overcome them.

Added/Updated:  29/09/2016


Type 1 international charity - advocating for people with T1 around the world by educating and raising awareness of insulin…

Added/Updated:  26/09/2016

Insulin pump education from…

Insulin pump education video from Southcoast Health (US), explaining what it is - pros and cons & what it doesn't do.

Added/Updated:  20/09/2016

JDRF - Talking T1, teens with…

JDRF video documenting a teen's day with T1

Added/Updated:  17/09/2016

Beyond Type 1 - Type 1 Day 1

Has videos to support people on their 1st day with T1D, along with some inspirational stories how people have worked around T1D…

Added/Updated:  14/09/2016

JDRF report on artificial pancreas…

JDRF researchers at the University of Cambridge are developing a system that would manage blood glucose automatically. Watch to…

Added/Updated:  14/09/2016

The bionic pancreas - Edward…

As a parent of a child with type 1 diabetes, Dr. Edward Damiano knows first hand the dangers of this disease. After nearly two…

Added/Updated:  14/09/2016

Welcome to Type 1

Videos about Type 1 diabetes aimed at those newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Added/Updated:  13/09/2016

BeHealth - Carbs

A short video by Will (dietitian) about what carbohydrates are and where to find them.

Added/Updated:  13/09/2016

Stress - Six Until Me

One of many blogs by Kerri discussing living with T1 - this one is about stress!

Added/Updated:  13/09/2016

Drinking with Diabetes Part 1 -…

First part of Diabetes UK's educational video about drinking with diabetes

Added/Updated:  13/09/2016

Drinking with Diabetes Part 2 -…

Second part of Diabetes UK's educational video about drinking with diabetes

Added/Updated:  13/09/2016

What is Type 1 Diabetes?

Single video, made in the US, explaining the basics of Type 1 diabetes.

Added/Updated:  08/09/2016

DAFNE experiences video

A short film made by Will (dietitian) with young people who have attended DAFNE (diabetes education course), talking about their…

Added/Updated:  07/09/2016

New complications - Six Until Me

One of many blogs by Kerri Sparling discussing living with T1.

Added/Updated:  10/08/2016

Breaking Down Diabetes - Khan…

A series of talks by Khan Academy with fairly scientific overview of diabetes.

Added/Updated:  10/08/2016