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Diabetes discussion forum for all. Supported by Diabetes UK, but run and managed by an independent team of volunteers with…

Added/Updated:  23/12/2016

How to check and adjust basal…

mySugr has some great education resources, and here is an example with advice on how to test your background insulin dose.

Added/Updated:  10/08/2016

Diabetes UK Meds & Kit Guide

Diabetes UK's 'Balance' guide to insulins, medication, meters, pens & pumps available in the UK

Added/Updated:  14/07/2020

Injection Sites

A video by T1D Sarah about different possible injection sites.

Added/Updated:  15/06/2018

Multiple Daily Mini Injections -…

Adrian blogs about the positive effect of multiple daily mini injections in partnership with his Freestyle Libre

Added/Updated:  19/01/2018

Understanding Insulin - Free…

Free online education course from the University of Southampton covering the safe and effective use of insulin. Primarily aimed…

Added/Updated:  02/10/2017

6.5% A1c - Aiming for the…

Post from t1resources' own Mike, who sat on the NICE guideline committee, about the new HbA1c guidance of aiming for 6.5%…

Added/Updated:  20/07/2017

Superbetic - Insulin Pump Pros and…

Superbetic YouTube clip discussing advantages and disadvantages of insulin pump therapy

Added/Updated:  08/05/2017

Lessons learned from insulin pump…

Type 1 blog explaining the personal pro's and con's of a pump holiday i.e. returning to MDI for a brief time.

Added/Updated:  19/04/2017

Sugarman - calculating bolus…

Sugarman shows you how to calculate insulin doses with 500 & 100 rule.

Added/Updated:  19/04/2017

NHS choices - T1 diabetes

NHS choices provides clinical information on T1 diabetes with some links to other information/resources.

Added/Updated:  06/02/2017

Rotating injection sites - video…

Pharmaceutical video (BD) about insulin injection site rotation and why it is important.

Added/Updated:  23/11/2016

Desang Magazine

Monthly magazine full of articles on life with diabetes including research, food, technology and kit.

Added/Updated:  25/10/2016


Cool bags for travelling with insulin supplies.

Added/Updated:  25/10/2016

Carbohydrate Counting

National Children and Young People's Diabetes Network with a series of videos teaching carbohydrate counting.

Added/Updated:  13/09/2016

Endodiabetes - How to inject with…

EndoDiabetes youtube channel with multiple videos showing how to inject with different pen devices

Added/Updated:  26/07/2016

How to do an insulin injection

UCLH video showing how to perform an insulin injection with a Novopen Echo insulin pen.

Added/Updated:  26/07/2016