Multiple Daily Mini Injections -…

Adrian blogs about the positive effect of multiple daily mini injections in partnership with his Freestyle Libre

Added/Updated:  19/01/2018

The best and the worst of 64 days…

Everyday and ups and downs round-up of Medtronic MM640G with Smartguard.

Added/Updated:  19/01/2018

Type 1 Origins - Revolve Comics

Superhero-style comic about type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

Added/Updated:  16/10/2017

DiabetesUK 'the one' campaign -…

Short, candid videos of people with diabetes describing their experience of insulin pumps and sex

Added/Updated:  11/10/2017

Diabetic shambles - Working the…

Blog post by Kris from Diabetic Shambles describing the 2 pillars of getting T1 under control

Added/Updated:  11/10/2017

T1Bri on using Diasend & recording…

A blog post describing the user experience of Diasend

Added/Updated:  11/10/2017


Type 1 Uncut is from Diabetes UK and provides lots of information and videos to help young people with diabetes to manage their…

Added/Updated:  11/10/2017

You Can Do This Project

You Can Do This is a grassroots video movement by and for people with diabetes: validation and encouragement through honest…

Added/Updated:  11/10/2017

JDRF information for young people

A page by the diabetes charity JDRF with information specifically for young adults.

Added/Updated:  11/10/2017

DUK guide for children

Diabetes UK guide to diabetes for children

Added/Updated:  10/10/2017

Understanding Insulin - Free…

Free online education course from the University of Southampton covering the safe and effective use of insulin. Primarily aimed…

Added/Updated:  02/10/2017

Egg Theory: A Model for…

A blog post from beta-betic about living with type 1 diabetes - “You can carry on with your normal life, you just need to carry…

Added/Updated:  21/09/2017

Tangerine Diabetic blog: the hypo…

A blog post about a particular hypo episode and its effects on friends and family

Added/Updated:  21/09/2017

Ditzy Diabetic blog after…

A personal and intimate blog post discussing an experience on a DAFNE course.

Added/Updated:  21/09/2017

Your rights - children and young…

Getting the best care from the NHS - Website about your rights as a child or your person using the NHS.

Added/Updated:  21/09/2017

Tangerine Diabetic blog: Freestyle…

Tangerine diabetic (aka Dave) blogs about his first experiences of using the Freestyle Libre

Added/Updated:  01/08/2017

Scottish Type 1 Facebook Group

Largest Facebook group in Scotland for anyone connected to Type 1 Diabetes, whether yourself, a family member or a friend.…

Added/Updated:  01/08/2017

TEDx - Type 1 Diabetes: from…

A TEDx talk by Dr Robin Goland of the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at Colombia University Medical Centre.

Added/Updated:  20/07/2017

DAFNE online

DAFNE online portal, open to those who have or have not been on DAFNE, with additional content (not reviewed) for those DAFNE…

Added/Updated:  20/07/2017

6.5% A1c - Aiming for the…

Post from t1resources' own Mike, who sat on the NICE guideline committee, about the new HbA1c guidance of aiming for 6.5%…

Added/Updated:  20/07/2017

T1 Diabetes Research UK

A UK website about type 1 diabetes research and how to get involved.

Added/Updated:  20/07/2017

Diabetic retinopathy animation

A 6 minute animated video about diabetic retinopathy; what it is, how it's treated and how to prevent it.

Added/Updated:  20/07/2017

Ninjabetic: Freestyle Libre…

Video from Laura (aka Ninjabetic) about using and inserting the Freestyle Libre.

Added/Updated:  20/07/2017

Inserting an Enlite CGM sensor

UCLH video showing how to insert an Enlite sensor with the Enlite Serter (not the newer 'One press' Serter)

Added/Updated:  19/07/2017